Are you Bob’s Buddy?

What does it mean to be Bob’s Buddy?  Good question…

To be Bob’s Buddy, you have to be a contractor of some sort or just generally handy. You need to be nice, honest, good at what you do, and willing to help folks. Bob hopes our friends and customers can connect with each other and promote their business talents. Builders, Plumbers, Electricians, Computer Wizards, AC folks, Deck Builders, General Contractors, Printers, Mechanics…you get the idea.  You can have your business cards on Bob’s Buddy board, advertise your services on Bob’s website, hand out Koozies, pens or whatever around the club, stuff like that.  You cannot, however, be annoying.

For special events like the Texas Open, Bob’s Buddy’s get first “dibs” if they want to, let’s say, sponsor a pool table and put up a banner or other advertising around the club.  These are extraordinary times and everyone is being affected by the economy.  Bob would like to see us all keep the money in “The Family” and support local businesses.
Email Bob at if you want to be a buddy.

Display Case
Bob has a display case you can sell your Pool cue or any approved billiard related item on consignment.  Email Bob for information.