Click onto the “4th Annual Texas Open 10-Ball Championships” flyer or post to see more details and to sign up today.


All year we have weekly tournaments where you can compete with local pool legends:
Friday Nights:  9-Ball Tournament – 7:45pm
Saturday Nights:  Pistol Perez 9-Ball Tournament – 7:30pm
Sunday Afternoon:  9-Ball Tournament / Also Break and Break & Run Contests – 1:45pm

Pool and 3 Cushion Billiards: Best in the area…

We have 14 Nine Foot Gold Crown III tables with Simonis 860 HR tournament blue cloth…

…with a Verhoeven 3-Cushion Billiards table as the cherry on top.

Enjoy smoke-free billiards in our new suite on eight 7′ Diamond tables.

We also host The Lone Star Tour 9-Ball Tournament and the Gulf Coast 9-Ball Tournament.