Pool and 3 Cushion Billiards: Best in the area…

Pool Rates:
One 10′ Verhoeven 3-Cushion Table: $10 per hour
Eight 7′ Diamond Smart Tables: $10 per table, or $1 per game
Fourteen 9′ Brunswick Gold Crown III Tables: Free Pool Mondays; other days: Before 6pm: $7.50 per person; After 6pm: $7.50 per hr per table
All pool tables are cared for – cleaned daily, balls polished & tables leveled often, and new cloth every single year. We challenge you to find any other pool hall who is as committed to providing the quality pool experience as we do.


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Skinny Bob’s is home to the annual Texas Open 9-Ball Championships every Labor Day weekend.  In 2015, we introduced the inaugural Texas Open 10-Ball Championship…look forward to that every February’s President’s Day weekend. And keep your eyes open for the Tune-Up events that take place two weeks before each of these two events.

also the annual Lone Star Tour 9 Ball Tournament, more info

During the rest of the year we have weekly tournaments where you can compete with local pool playing legends.

  • Friday Night – 9 Ball Tournament, 8pm start
  • Saturday Evening – 9 Ball Tournament, 8pm start
  • Sunday Afternoon – 10 Ball Tournament, 2pm start

Seven Weekly Pool Leagues

Monday evening – there is an APA league where you can choose the game and a CSI 8-Ball league.  BCA 9-Ball Leagues play on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. The leagues are handicapped based on playing levels and experience.  It is a great way to learn, have fun, win prizes and meet a wide variety of people who all share a common goal – PLAY GREAT POOL!

Our house rules provide a quality pool playing environment.

Come on over and experience billiards at its best!