Pool Rules


We have some basic house rules to provide the best environment to play in and keep the tables in top condition:

  • No sitting on pool tables.
  • No drinks on or near the pool tables.
  • No lit cigarettes or cigars on, near, or above the pool tables. This is a big No No!
  • Be courteous to other players. Step away from the table as another player is shooting. Avoid moving through their line of sight.
  • No illegal jump shots…no scooping under the cue ball!
  • Do not hang rack on the table light fixture.
  • Please wash hands before handling Bob’s balls.
  • If you miss a shot, leave the chalk on the table for the other player.
  • No sharking of any kind.
  • Practice your jump shots at home.
  • Do not drag, clean or burnish your cue tip on Bob’s tables.
  • Respect Bob’s equipment so he won’t raise prices.