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By use of this website, YOU, the user, acknowledge that you are indemnifying Skinny Bobs from any claims for computer related issues related to the use of this site.

You understand that, as with all types of sports activities, certain risks exist regardless of whether participation in the activity is supervised or participation in such activity is by one's own direction. You acknowledge by use of this website that you have considered such risks and do hereby release Skinny Bobs and the owner and all their affiliates, overseers, directors, officers, trustees, and agents, in their capacity as such and individually from any and all claims or damages, which may result from your use of this website.

Your claims remain waived even though liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of people or entities mentioned above. You further agree that you are in proper mental condition to make coherent decisions about your own health and you are solely responsible for your choices and your body. This agreement extends to your immediate family members, heirs and any related individuals who may participate with me in making decisions about your health.

You further acknowledge that any information obtained or received by the website, the owner and their affiliates, overseers, directors, officers, trustees and agents, is a protected right under the Constitution and constitutes Freedom of Speech. This is a private party contract between YOU, the user and your heirs, assigns and Messiah's Healing Institute and the owner and may not be impaired by 3rd party intervenors including but not limited to children, grandchildren, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles or any in-laws by marriage. None of these parties may claim ANY rights in this contract or the free exchange of information between the private parties to any financial contract.

Any payments made through the site for products or services are an individual choice that you have made freely and your relationship with Skinny Bobs is a private agreement between the two parties. You further understand and agree that this implicity does not constitute a payment for services or a fee. It is not income or payment for labor.

You further agree that the only forum for resolution of any disputes that may arise will be in accordance with the alternative resolution forum conducted via the services provided by PeaceMaker Ministries BD56/Home.htm.

By visiting and the use of this website you hereby covenant to abide by these terms and agree that no other remedies are available other than the ones outlined herein.
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